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Over the years, we have seen marketing go through a rollercoaster ride of changes. Looking back before the amazing revolution of technology and the internet, marketing was fairly simple and there were limited avenues to target. Nowadays, we have more than ever and social media has played a huge role in this. Not only is it great for gaining customers, it helps communication with existing customers so is something all businesses should have these days.

This being said, you will not see results if you don’t have all your social media accounts linked and pulling together in the same direction. Thanks to social media optimisation (SMO), this is now something that can be achieved. Once all the profiles become one, they can then be used effectively to see results. Ultimately, it is all about getting your brand name in front of the right eyes and then converting them to customers once you have their attention.

Analytics – Before we break down the major profiles, we should quickly point out the importance of analytics because this is the best way to listen to your customers. Nowadays, it can be fairly simple to monitor the performance of videos and social media posts and we can help with this. After gathering information, we can discuss what is working, what isn’t, and how to progress using what we have learned. As we continue to work with you in the time ahead, your profiles will get stronger and you learn more about your customers. Eventually, we should get to the point where their feedback helps to improve and even shape future products.

Instagram – Of all the platforms, this is perhaps the best for appealing to customers visually because it is all about the images. As well as sharing your own images, we will ask customers to share their own experiences with your products and they suddenly become ambassadors for your brand. Of course, people are far more willing to listen to their friends and family rather than a business so this can be incredibly powerful. Taking your needs into account, we will create an appropriate strategy for this platform.

Facebook – Considering over 250 million people visit this platform every single day, you would be making a mistake to leave it out of your strategy. In addition to creating interesting posts, we can also help with Facebook Advertising including fantastic graphics and text to draw in the reader. After this, Facebook Groups can also be superb because you can target your specific niche within a group. Sometimes, businesses find it hard to perfect the balance between advertising and contributing to the community so we can help here. Finally, Facebook Places will have your customers ‘check-in’ when they reach your business whilst Facebook Badges is a useful promotion tool.

YouTube – If we didn’t want to take too much of your time, we could talk all day about the power of video marketing but this isn’t the time! However, we should say that around one billion videos are watched each day and it continues to grow within the UK. Whether it is an advertisement, tutorial for how to use your products, a Q&A session for your business, or anything else, videos make your company more personable and approachable.

LinkedIn – As well as all of the above, we have experts in LinkedIn which requires a more formal and professional approach. If we are clever with our strategy, you will appeal to thousands of customers at once. If you aren’t yet on LinkedIn, a recent reports suggests that every other company has acquired new customers through the site and it is superb for lead generation!

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