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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be defined as the method by which website increase their rankings in search results and afterwards increase the website traffic and income. Take, for instance, a site that is known for selling designer clothing would require to be featured on the first search result whenever a prospective customer look-up for the word “buy designer clothes” on Google.

SEO can be said to be a rain shade term which cuts across many different methods. There exist many ways one can make better his/her website rankings and Los Angeles based Coalition Technologies knows just how to choose the ones that best suit your business. We will draft you a copy, construct links, get you the press, handle your PPC campaign, construct and plan your website, include your website for powerful keywords, and with whatever it takes to increase your income.

Aside from the usual SEO technique, our team is also a creator of new ideas where we define our industry’s best practices (IBP). We are continuously studying and exploring the latest and improved ways to optimize your site.

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What is in Short included?


Link quality check


Title Tags Check


On-Page Optimisation


Heading Tags Check


Duplicate Content Checks


Call To Action

…and more!

Comprehensive SEO Service To Help Your Business Show On The First Page Of Google Search Results!

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  1. Keyword research and opponent study – planned and well-arranged keywords research gives you the opportunity to maximize your audience size with all of the word targeted on all of the right pages. When this technique is properly implemented, keyword research can provide you an impermeable strategy on how to position your content, an article on your blog, product descriptions, homepage copy, and many more.
  2. Analytic setup and review – Google analytics give you an opportunity to monitor your SEO improvement, trend, and growth, and to find and fix any potential problems before they go out of proportion. It assists you to have in-depth knowledge regarding the impact of specific keywords over your sales and traffic. Analytics can be used to set and track objectives, generate reports, or monitor your clients’ activities.
  3. Link Building Campaigns – link building can never cease to be the most important element in any SEO campaign because if your business is linked with high-value websites, search engine views your website as having a very strong authority. This cannot be said to be limited to building alone. It has to do with finding the best links, both in terms of quantity as well as quality.
  4. Social media campaigns –Between SEO and marketing, there is a good deal of overlap in existence and social media campaigns are firmly efficient for both. Social media campaigns need to be accurately and convincingly tailored to the targeted audience for it to be effective.
  5. Search engine Ranking Reporting –It is a must that you rank on the first page if you expect relevant traffic for a precise keyword to be received. Also, ranking as close to #1 as possible is necessary if you want to turn a considerable income. This is the reason why keeping track of your keyword ranking is significant and ensure that your SEO plan is tailored accordingly.
  6. Repeat with keyword Research – keyword research isn’t something you do just once and stop. As your website starts experiencing huge traffic, you are always meant to be watchful for new keywords possibilities.


When we are done identifying you, we will quickly start to analyze your site. We need to understand virtually every detail we can get hold on: the good and the bad equally. This method is usually known as website Audit. Fundamentally, our professionals will have to examine every part of your website (if you have just one when you visit us) and we will immediately start taking notes on what is suitable, but more significantly what needs to be enhanced. And we are not just interested in your colour, for we are no racist. We try to say all the little things that most people might not be interested in. But, at Coalition Technologies, we recognize the relevance of taking care of all the minor things. If we take shortcuts or jump over the (so-called) unimportant things (like most our colleagues in Los Angeles SEO firms), we’d be depriving you of a little revenue here, a little traffic there. As an owner of a business, you are expected to desire the most hit for your buck, and you’ll only get that kind of treatment with us at (Coalition Technologies).

When we work on your site, these are some of the services we will be looking at on your website:

Title tags, Meta tags, page copy, and page title, alt attributes:

Once your targeted keywords are figured out, then it is time to start executing them. Your rankings will be enhanced immediately if keywords are used in your titles, meta descriptions, page copy as well as your images.

URL structure

Your URL structure is essential for search engine optimization. For example, your URLs should contain real words, including your keywords, and should be positioned in such a way that search engines can crawl your website with so much ease in relation to your URL alone.

Navigation structure

To rank high on SEO, your navigation process must be simple, consistent, and organized. This is significantly essential not only for SEO but also for functionality as well as conversion maximization so that possible internet users can effortlessly move from one tab to the other on your site? It is a big deal.

A/B and multivariate testing

If you wish to make the most from your SEO campaign, it’s vital that you test a number of circumstances to ascertain how you can guarantee the best-suited conversion rate and realize the most beneficial rankings. Specific A/B testing and multivariate testing can offer you real-time outcomes to assist you in determining the ideal course of action.

Backlink review

Backlinks are essential, but keeping tabs on the pages that link to your site is equally relevant. Make certain that the links are still active, and that the links are still very efficient and that the website linking to you do not involve in suspicious activities. Not-so-good links can hurt your own SEO value. You should also try and evaluate your opponent’s backlinks so that your new possible link partners can be found and your search engine ranking can be enhanced.

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What is SEO?
SEO means: Search Engine Optimisation and it is the process of tweaking your website to get better search results when someone type your key phrase to look for services like yours.
How much does it cost?
Every case is different, so it is really hard to set the pricing structure for SEO services but our package starts from £495 / month
How long does it take to get top of Google?
Unfortunatelly it canot be preciselly estimated as it is long process and deppends on many factors. Usually it takes few months to see results and get more leads from organic searches of potential customers.
How can I get started?
Contact us now using the form below and we will do FREE SEO website audit for you of your site and come up with our proposition carfully crafted for your business.
Can you guarantee my results?
Unfortunately it is not possible, we can only try to achieve it and work hard towards this.

SEO Package

What Is Included in All Packages

Keyword Research – Hundreds of keywords researched to find suitable niche phrase(s)
On-page Optimization – Website content analysed and optimization changes made
Website Check – Website checked for any errors effecting rankings
Mobile friendly check – Website analysed for any mobile view errors effecting rankings
Tools Setup – Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools setup
Google Business Page – Local google business page created to enhance maps listings
Unique Content – High quality unique content created for indidvidual keywords and phrases
Monthly Report – Monthly report to show current ranking for a wide range of keywords

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