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Pay only for pre-qualified, hot leads!

What We Do

We will find the best possible potential customers that love you for who you are doing.

Your sales team will love our leads. We have developed a system that allows us to find the best possible clients for your industry.


Our offer is really simple to understand and really straight forward.

The truth is, you don’t want to sign a contract for us to manage your campaigns behind closed doors. Ask us how many customers you want, and we’ll deliver them to you on a Pay-Per-Lead basis. It’s simple and stress-free!

In short we generate more sales for your business on autopilot!

Here are some sectors and industries we love to work with on the PPL basis:

B2B Industries
Broadband Services
Business Accounting Finance
Car Finances & Car Sales
Compensation Claim
Debt Consolidation
Equity Release
Funeral Insurance
Healthcare / Medical
Home Improvement Leads Generation
Income Protection Insurance
Legal Lead Generation
Life Insurance
Mortgage, Re-Mortage and Mortgage Broker
Pension Transfer
Private Medical Insurance
Secured Loans
Solar Energy
Real Estate Lead Generation
Roofing Lead Generation
Tax Rebates for Businesses and Individuals
University placements for foreign/local students
Window, Door & Double Glazing

We Help businesses to grow fast by offering high quality leads on a Pay Per Performance Basis. 

What Makes Pay per Lead Model different and more cost effective?

  • Our PPL model brings everyting together to help you grow & scale your business using digital marketing modern marketinch channels.
  • We drive profitable leads for your business without wasting money on advertising and lernig the whole process yourself.
  • We will do competitor analysis for your business to identify opportunities for getting worm laser focused leads without a hustle.
  • We will help you to stand out in your competitive market using the newest online marketing tricks and channels.
  • Gain a competitive advantage with attention grabbing creatives and laser focused market targeting.
  • We use remarketing techniques to ensure you’re don’t miss any potential clients.
  • We will provide dedicated marketing specialist who understand your  marketing niche and requirements.
  • Our main goal is to bring you best return-on-investment.

You specify your lead requirements and we deliver qualified leads

The Typical PPL Process:

Step 1: Custom Blueprint

We must start with a Custom Blueprint to give you a competitive advantage, pinpoint how we will attract your ideal customer and generate a constant flow of leads & enquiries into you inbox.

Step 2: Build The Lead Funnel custom crafted for your case

We will build the lead system to generate instanst warm leads using our special landing pages and proven process.

Step 3: Target Your Customers

We will give you a competitive advantage with our hyper-targeted Google & Facebook Ads that will generate qualified leads.

Step 4: Deliver Qualified Warm Leads to your door

We will deliver pre-qualified leads into your email on a daily basis.

You specify your lead requirements and we deliver qualified leads

Unfortunatelly not all companies would be a good fit for Pay-Per-Lead Model

Please find some basic criteria of who we work with on PPL basis.

✓ You need 50 – 1000 leads per week
✓ Your Average Order Value (AOV) is £1,500+
✓ You are ready to invest some money on online lead generation process
✓ You have a large audience reach (city/state/national)
✓ You have already sales system and process in place
✓ You have well skilled sales team
✓ You are ready to new clients clients
✓ Your sales are typically made online and/or on phone
✓ You have a great main marketing offer for your product/service

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