shopping carts - ecommerce web designWith so many ecommerce design and development options on the market currently and many agencies, there is one thing that your customers crave perhaps above all else – simplicity. Sadly, the whole process of creating an online shop can be confusing and this is true for beginners and experts. With so many programs offering different solutions, it can be hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong from the point of view of your customer. However, we now have the answer and we can help.

Let’s not forget, trust on the internet is still low (although building slightly). Especially for the older generations, they are used to walking into the town centre, looking around physical stores, and making their purchasing decisions this way. Therefore, you need to show credibility within the first thirty seconds otherwise you lose sales. Not only this, you need to show every single visitor why they should be buying from you as opposed to choosing a competitor and this is where our expertise lay.

Our eCommerce agency definitely can help you

Rather than having various different programs, we can simplify the process and have everything running through one solution. From here, we can show you how to manage new content, your promotions, and so much more. If you rely quite heavily on an inventory, you can manage this through one content management system (CMS). Furthermore, you can even look after your customers and ensure that every order reaches its intended destination in the quickest time possible.

With some services, you feel as though they have knowledge that can never be passed on. However, our beliefs are completely different in that we want to teach you how to use these tools for success. Rather than reaching a stage where you rely on us, we give you the keys and let you drive your own business forward. If required, we can work with the individual departments in your business and create a unique e-commerce solution that ticks all the necessary boxes. Over time, we can work together to optimise your website and ensure that nobody closes the tab with items still in the basket.

Marketing and SEO services to promote your online shop

We have many happy clients provide for them our online marketing and SEO services like :

  • Onsite and offsite SEO optimisation
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn promotion and advertising
  • google AdWords advertising
  • content marketing
  • .. and more!

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