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eCommerce SEO Services

Get your online shop high in organic search results generate more sales

At Top Rank Studio, our team functions with a variety of e-commerce-targeted SEO practices tailored to promote the organic growth you are looking to achieve. We generated a definite plan based on the following vital methods:

Targeted Keyword Research

We do well to integrate highly relevant and localized keywords in a strategic way across the nooks and crannies of your website, in order to convey its core function to many search engines. When the keyword is more specific, the more chance it will bring about a sale. Our utilization keywords do not only make search engines come to trust your website; it as well helps it begin to rank higher. Black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing are a no for us, guaranteeing that your site will not be violated or sanctioned by search engines.

Website Structure

Here at Top Rank Studio, we conduct encompassing market research in a bid to find what consumers are on the lookout for. Finding that, we then optimize your site based on the results – the actual needs of the customers. We also prioritize the functionality of your website, along with its aesthetics, all of which helps us in ensuring that we come up with a responsive web design idea, notwithstanding whether your customers are shopping with their phone, tablet or computer.

The speed of your site is another essential part of the functionality, as almost 40 percent of users exit a site should it takes more than three seconds to load. Bounce rates impact your CRO negatively, bringing about the potential loss of your customers.

Problem Identification

Are you familiar with 404 errors, 302 (or temporary) redirects and duplicated content? These are among the most prevalent problems that can be found on e-commerce websites. Top Rank Studio has a team that efficiently redirects all 404 errors to the homepage and change all 302 redirects into 301 redirects to guarantee your customers’ guidance to the right pages. We also get rid of duplicate contents, as well as duplicated title tags and Meta descriptions. We put the right strategies in place to optimize them with unique copies.

Blog Content

It has been shown over the years that blogs and their content are a great way to generate internal links throughout your website, allowing you to convey informative, authoritative content to your customers on a regular basis. Top Rank Studio incorporates strong calls to action (CTA) into your blog posts so that your readers are directed to different sections of your site. This will bring about an improvement of your click-through rate and the increment of your CRO.

Link Building

When positive relationships with high authority sites are initiated on your site, resulting in getting inbound links, your site gets what is called the “link juice”. Top Rank Studio has an outreach team that connects with relevant content creators in your industry. Putting two and two together to create and publish high-quality copies on third-party sites. With natural linking (when sites link you with no given action), we can ensure a diverse link profile and begin to generate content that will ultimately lead back to your website.

Repeat Keyword Research

Keyword research is an ongoing task, particularly since the needs of consumers change and evolve with time, and it is vital to keep track of a growing market. As your site builds value and recognition continually, it will help you stay aware of new keyword opportunities to ensure the longevity of your success.

Our SEO Marketing Process

We have what it takes to hit the ground running. Top Rank Studio begins by conducting a website audit, in which our professionals inspect every nook and cranny of your domain, after which they use the final data to whip up a strategy that will in ways impact the optimization of your website.

Here are a few of the tasks we perform during a website audit:

Keyword Optimization

We vamp up your title, header, metadata, copy, tags and URLs in order to make your website crawlable and consistent to both users and search engines. We put fervent CTA in these areas to bring about positive CTR.

Site Structure

Well-structured sites are more accessible for search engines to index, resulting in higher SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). We help establish robust site architecture and turn links to product and lower level pages, allowing search engines to recognize the internal structure and making your site easily navigable.

Internal Linking

Anchoring is one of the best ways to implement great internal link strategy. Integrating hyperlinks into copies can help garner page authority to multiple pages on your domain. We keep your anchor text succinct, relevant and unique.


An easily navigable site makes visitors likelier to find what they are looking for – quick checkouts, live chat functions to breadcrumbs which assist them keep track of their location on the site. We help make your site navigable and promote user engagement.

Rich Snippets

These are HTML tags that give your site more SERPS relevance. We incorporate them in your domain as they help users better understand it and reduce bounce backs. Rich snippets are ratings, reviews, location info and previews.

Mobile Version

Great functionality and navigability are expected when mobile devices are used to access your site. A responsive design to optimize the website for any device is essential to keep the readers engaged. We work to make sure your site fits on any screen, and the images automatically conform to the size of the platform they’re on. When your site loads speedily and has easy navigation, mobile device conversion is optimized.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can impact buying patterns significantly because almost 77 percent of consumers rely on reviews before buying online. We build review effectiveness into your site and encourage users to leave reviews and tell search engines that your products/services are a must-have.

Social Media Integration

Social media allows you to build a bubbling customer community. We build an organic following and enable feedbacks and reviews on products. We incentivize your social media using coupons, giveaways, promotions and discounts.

We Love Helping Small And Medium-Sized Local Businesses Such As:

  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Restaurants
  • Saloons / Spas / Weight Loss Clinics
  • HVAC / Plumbing Companies
  • Luxury Landscaping
  • Home Improvements
  • Home Security
  • Boutique Mortgage Companies
  • … and more!

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